Diwali Special Offer:


Diwali Special Offer

You do not have to wait for the New Year to become a new member. We offer you an excellent rebate if you decide to be our member this year on Deepawali’s Function. If you pay for 2 years of Membership in advance, you will avail Diwali tickets for 10,- Euros per member.

You have to pay for Diwali and all forthcoming events the same as members do. Our members pay about half the amount compared to the guests. You may have the question, how this works out profitable for the association. Firstly we are not a profitable organisation we work on “no profit no loss basis”. For a function like Deepawali we calculate the total expected expenditure and divide it with the number of expected guests. If we get more guests than expected the plus goes to the pool and if the amount of guests less due to any reason, the difference is paid from the pool. In the consequent year, our financial advisor makes the accounts; in case we have leftovers in the pool we arrange some function for the members or have a free bus trip. The leftover also goes for a good cause decided by the members in the general meeting.

Our motivation is to hold the Indians of any community and religion and the Germans together. For a better understanding (Völkerverständigung) We invite you to be a part or us and give strength to the association. This will keep us together close to Indian rituals, traditions and our roots. 


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