6th Sufi Concert with Anandita Basu


Anandita 2019



Nach der erfolgreichen Tour in Europa von Anandita Basuin Begleitung  des
Maestro Debasish Bhattacharjee treten  die Artisten noch einmal für den "6.  SUFI ABEND"  auf
Anandita Basu's  World Tour 2019 in Bonn am Samstag den, 14. September 2019 auf. After their successful Tour of Europe Mrs. Anandita Basu  along with 
Maestro Debasish Bhattacharjee is set to perform for the sixth time for “6th SUFI CONCERT” 
of Anandita Basu's  World Tour 2019 in Bonn on Sat. September 14th 2019


Who is Anandita Basu ?

Anandita Basu, from India, started to learn Indian music at the age of 4 years.

She started her basic training with her mother and Guru (Professor Anjana Basu), who gained the first position in classical singing in all India (Sangeet Praveen, the highest degree in all India). Due to her excellent performance in singing and teaching, she was awarded by the government of India like the best teacher of 2004 in all the country.

After finishing her basic studies, Anindita learned various forms of arts from great masters of dance music and percussion.

Awarded with honors several times in India, she received the most important and recognized ranks like Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Prabakar in dance, music and tabla.

She worked for different international institutions and organizations with the purpose of promoting Indian music and culture all over the world.

Her arts has appeared on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines and she has been recognized also as director of many forms of music, composer and arranger. She has been performing in and outside India many times obtaining recognition all over; like Canada, EEUU, Suriname, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, South Africa and Finland among other countries.

Many of her CD’s like JAI JANANI, ISLAM, PRATHANANJALI, MANAN, LOVING HANDS, SURABHINANDAN, SARGAM, SUFI SOUL, among others, are released all over India and abroad. Her speciality in sufi and qawwali music makes her style different and unique.

In the present, She’s the founder and director of Foundation Kalakendra of India in Colombia to promote the art of Her country through music and dances.