Bonn Meets Bollywood "BMB"

Bonn meets Bollywood !

Indian Association Bonn „Youth Club“ organisiert gemeinsam mit der Deutsch-Indischen Gesellschaft und der Indian Association Bonn zum dritten Mal eine Bollywood Party in Bonn. Unser DJ, Mittran da DJ auch bekannt als DJ Ro-T heizt dieTanzfläche mit Bollywoodmusik, Bhangra, Hip Hop und R’n’B auf. Kommt und feiert mit uns vorab das Ende von 2017 und tanzt auf indischer Musik durch die Nacht. 

Wo? N8Lounge, Franzstrasse 41, 53111 Bonn
Wann? 24 Feb. 2018
Ab? 22:30 Uhr
Dress code? Dress to impress 

Early bird tickets zu 8 € sind bis zum 15.02.2018 online unter erhältlich.
Abendkasse 10 €
Einlass ab 18 Jahren, es wird gebeten ein Ausweis oder Studentenausweis mit sich zu tragen.

Indian Association Bonn Mitglieder haben an diesem Abend freien Eintritt

Bonn meets Bollywood !

 IAB “Youth Club” is organizing for the first time this year a Bollywood party in Bonn together with the Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft and the IAB. Our DJ, Mittran da DJ, also known as DJ Ro-T will heat up the dance floor with the finest Bollywood tunes, Bhangra, Hip Hop and R’n’B sounds. Come and celebrate with us the end of 2017 in advance and dance on Indian beats through the night.

Where? N8Lounge, Franzastrasse 41, 53111 Bonn
When? 24 Feb. 2018
At? 10.30 pm
Dress code? Dress to impress

Early bird tickets for 8 € can be bought online under till 15 Feb. 2018.
Box office 10 €

Entrance +18, please carry an ID card or Studentenausweis with you


Indian Association Bonn members have a free entry

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 IAB youth club


Einzigartiger Bollywood Disco Abend in Bonn
N8Lounge, Franzstrasse 41, 53111 Bonn
Sat. 24.02.2018 ab 22:30

Next: Holi / Farbenfest
Samstag: 17.03.2018
ab 11:30

Entrance: 20,- Euros (Counter:  No Discounts 25,- Euro / Person)

The entrance charges include soft drinks and ethnic exotic and exclusive traditional Indian Dinner.

Alcoholic drinks will be available but not included in the entrance ticket.

Our Special offer for Families, Children, Students, Seniors and Bonn-Ausweiss:
DIG/Senior citizens/Bonn-Ausweis: 18,- Euro pro Person.
Students: 15,- Euro pro Person.
Children under 12 Years: 12,- Euro per Person.
Special offer for a family of 2 children under 12 years: 60.- Euros

Kids under 4 years are free of cost! 

Do NRIs require Aadhaar Card ?

Recently, after government made it mandatory for filing Income Tax Returns, other services/benefits and notified that non-compliance could even make PAN invalid later this year, Aadhaar has suddenly became a 'must have'. While most of us now have an Aadhaar card, some still don't have it.

Lately one Babu refused to attend to me as I did not have an Aadhaar card. In spite my telling him the rules about an Aadhaar card. If I had this Circular it would have helped.  

One patient in emergency ward was refused to attend to!

Please check:

Either on the top right hand side or Recocalted to Bonn